Life Pixel Introduces Hyper Color IR Conversion

Life Pixel Hyper Color IR Image Samples

From Life Pixel:

With this filter you will be able to capture images like never before! After years of research and developement, we are able to bring forth a new chapter to the infrared market. The world leader in infrared conversions is once again leading the way into a new exciting experience!

What Makes This Filter So Special?

  • In Camera White Balance – That’s right! No more being forced into the manufacturer’s RAW software. Use your in camera white balance setting (even kelvin!) and get a vast variety of tones in your images. Then bring them into photoshop, lightroom, or any other editing software you like and you are set! No color manipulation, no extensive post-production, no channel mixing! Oh yeah, we forgot to mention you can have EVEN MORE control of your black and white images with this filter!
  • Natural Looking Skin – With infrared, portrait work is incredible! Skin looks creamy smooth and can make anybody look great out even without post production. The one drawback, is sometimes you want a more natural looking skin tone, well, now you got it! Portrait work is probably the strongest point with Hyper Color. Achieve more natural looking skin tones, whilst still capturing IR light to give foliage and the sky a dreamy effect.
  • The Most Versatile Filter – With Hyper Color, you are really getting the most adaptable infrared filter out there! Stack on any other of our infrared filters (except Super Blue) on your Hyper Color converted camera and you will be able to achieve the exact look those filters are known for. From our Super Color (590nm) to our Deep B&W (830nm), you’ll be able to take advantage of any of these styles as they will overpower the internal filter and give you the desired result without long exposure times.

Ready to try it out? Click the following link to get started: Life Pixel Hyper Color IR Conversion