Lighting for Headshots Presented by David Piazza

Event Description

Seminar Description:

The definition of “headshot” (via Wikipedia) is:

“A photographic technique where the focus of the photograph is a person’s face. A headshot is a specific type of  portrait.  A headshot is an image that portrays a person as he is, however simple or stylized the image might be. In contrast to the head shot, an environmental portrait would portray a person with elements of his life such as his work, interests, etc.”

Headshots are used in the entertainment, modeling, corporate and business communities and are valuable for a wide range of applications including entrée into theater, film and television careers as well as use in corporate annual reports and press releases.  Every serious professional should have a headshot of themselves at the ready.

 Constant updating of headshots are as important as the quality of the image.  This results in an expressed market need for capable and competent headshot photographers.

 This “Lighting for Headshots” seminar will step you through the basics of clean, professional lighting techniques that are vital for every portrait photographer to master.  Light source selection, lens, backgrounds, light modifiers, lighting patterns and posing techniques are some of the critical subjects covered.


Bring your camera, with mid range and/or long zoom lens, so you can learn first hand and see the results of different techniques and light modifiers. Lighting set-up and live model is provided so you can get the most out of this informative seminar.

Attendees should have a basic understanding of manual exposure and be able to set their DSLR for “custom” white balance.

Level: Intermediate beginner through advanced.