Moment Unveils Products for Shooting Cinematic Video with Phones

The mobile photography gear company Moment has just announced its first collection of products designed for shooting cinematic video on your phone. There’s a new Anamorphic Lens, iPhone X Battery Photo Case, Gimbal Counterweight, and Filter Mount.

“Mobile filmmaking is exploding,” Moment says. “From Unsane to Youtube, creatives are using their phones to capture stunning videos. And yet no one has made an easy to use set of gear that makes their small camera as good as their big camera…until now.”

Here’s a look at the 4 new Moment products:

Anamorphic Lens ($149)

The new Moment Anamorphic Lens lets you capture widescreen footage with “sweet flares and letterbox screen” — this is the “holy grail of video,” Moment says. “Our 1.33x anamorphic brings back the organic look and character of 2:40:1 Cinemascope.”

The design of the lens minimizes lateral chromatic aberration and is optimized for both lenses on dual camera phones. The horizontal flares, which show up as blue or gold depending on your light source, are produced by cylindrical optics and vintage-style anti-reflection coatings on the surface of the glass.

Here’s a video with some sample footage:

Paired with a compatible Moment case, the lens will work on the Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy/Note. A rotatable bayonet design lets you rotate the lens so that you’re shooting horizontally on any device.

The lens has a 1.33x horizontal squeeze magnification and an aspect ratio of 2.4:1 after desqueezing. You’ll need an app (e.g. Moment, Filmic) that can desqueeze the video for you after it’s recorded.

iPhone X Battery Photo Case ($99)

Moment’s new case for the iPhone X is purportedly the first photography battery case to hit the market. It features both wireless charging and an electronic shutter button.

The shutter button is two stage and allows you to do your camera work without having to touch your phone’s screen.

Inside the case is a 3,100 mAH battery that can recharge your iPhone X 90%. In addition to wireless charging through a Qi charging pad, you can also juice it using a Lightning Connector.

On the face of the case is a built-in lens attachment, and on the bottom are camera strap attachments that work with standard straps.

Gimbal Counterweight ($39)

The Moment Gimbal Counterweight is a universal counterweight that’s compatible with gimbals such as the DJI Osmo, Zhiyun SmoothQ, and Evo Shift. With configurations of 60g, 90g, or 120g, the counterweight helps balance the payload to perfectly calibrate the rig for your Moment case and lens.

A Velcro-brand strap is used for simple and secure attachment and removal, and a rubber pad on the counterweight keeps it locked into the gimbal.

Filter Mount ($39)

“Great filmmakers know the power of camera filters to help create effects and control light in ways digital editing can’t,” Moment says. “The Moment Filter Mount lets you attach a standard 62mm filter to any of your Moment Lenses, including the new Moment Anamorphic.

“Simply press fit the mount onto your lens and you’re ready to go.”

The mount comes with 3 press-fit rubber mounts that make it compatible with any Moment Lens, including the newly-announced Anamorphic Lens.

Pre-orders for these four new products are available through a new Kickstarter campaign. Shipping will begin in June 2018.