New Moto G6 leak shows off a flagship-quality design

A steady stream of leaks has more or less confirmed that the Moto G6 is coming sooner rather than later, but now we’ve seen it from just about every angle.

A new batch of photos has leaked purporting to show the sixth generation of Motorola’s affordable phone, and it looks more dapper than ever. It’s getting seriously hard to tell so-called budget phones from mid-range contenders and flagships these days.

Taking a tour around the photos we can see a front-facing fingerprint sensor, which is a design staple of Moto phones – although it’s a bit slimmer than before, as the company looks to be squeezing its full name onto the front of the phone, according to leaked images from a site called Killer Features.

While previous generations of the G-series phones push a consistent design through its Plus and Play variants, it looks as though that might change slightly with the G6 family. This and other leaks show that the G6 will likely have a fingerprint sensor on the front, and the G6 Play leaks that we've seen show it on the back near the rear camera.

All in the family

The Moto G6 looks to be taking a hearty scoop of influence from the Moto X4, which possesses much of the design flourishes we’re seeing here. There’s curved glass, and a dual rear-facing camera system, and overall its just appears to be a huge step up in build quality from previous iterations of the budget phone.

Where the G6 looks to strike out on its own is with its 18:9 aspect ratio, with the phone sporting a screen that’s taller than those from the last generation. Another feature that could make this phone a must-buy is the likely inclusion of Android Oreo software, which has yet to appear on the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus, despite Moto’s September 2017 commitment to delivering the big update.

Via PhoneArena