Nikon 35mm 1.8g or 50mm 1.8g on D3200? [duplicate]

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I’ve got a D3200 and two zoom lenses, 18-55 and 55-200. I want to buy my first prime lens now and I have a hard time deciding between 35 and 50mm (both 1.8g). The price difference can be ignored, as well as the other things such as dimensions, weight, filter diameter… The only things I’m concerned about are the angle of view, the sharpness, the color quality, the distorsion and the bokeh “strength”.

My main fields of interests are portraits, landscapes, street photography and maybe some astrophotography (I’d really like to have some nice Milky Way photos).

The things that I am aware of:

  • I’m aware that I have the crop sensor and that 35 and 50 will actually be something like 50 and 75 (approximately).

  • Also, for the astro and landscape photos, it’s clear that the shorter is the better. For the streets, I know that it depends on the space that I have and the scene that I want to capture. Maybe sometimes I will want to display the whole “story” in the frame, and sometimes I want to make some candid photos and to easily get “closer” to the subject.

The things that I have doubts about:

  • For the portraits, I have no idea if there will be a big difference between 35 and 50, i.e. how natural or how distorted will the subject look.

  • I’m also not sure about the bokeh – will the background blurriness be as good as with 50mm?

  • I have tried out 50mm once and I was amazed by the colors and the overall quality of the photos (especially after working with kit lens for a while). Is there a difference regarding these things between 35 and 50?

I know that I can take my 18-55 and try taking photos only with 35 or 50 mm and see how the things look regarding the composition and the compression. But the thing that I can’t test is the image quality that I will have with the new lens. Unfortunately, in my area there are no shops which will let me test a lens before purchasing, and also there are no places where I can rent Nikon lenses (there are only Canon and Sigma).

I’d be very thankful for all your opinions :)