Optimal all-encompassing lens set for Sony a6000 [on hold]

I am fairly new to the world photography and, albeit Short on practice, i have been trying to pour as much research as possible on all sides (technical, composition, Gear). It is truly a wonderful but also costly passion, with special reference to the gear – lenses that is. My starting set – Sony a6000 with lens kit – is doing a fantastic job for now but i feel it’s time to plan for a more “intermediate ” set. As you undoubtely know, the lens set is vastly dependent on many many factors (did i not mention budget ?). I want to have the flexibility to do many things (Travel, portraits – with a nice bokeh, street, landscapes, some low light stuff) with ideally 3 lenses.

What I’d like some advice on was the choice of such lenses. On the top of my mins, there were 3 candidates:

1) Sony 18-105 F4 OSS
2) sigma 16mm f1.4
3) Sony 35mm 1.8

1) was for an all-round flexibility while keeping It decently luminuos as well as having the choice to get the perfect composition (landscapes). Image stabilization (3 stops) is very welcome especially at longer ranges. The go-to lens for travel.
2) sigma was for low light (maybe some astro) as well as a general Wide angle lens (OSS is not as relevant since the focal range is very low so the max shutter speeds before blur while handholding are very reasonable)
3) Sony 35mm for street and portraits (both posed and candids) in every possibile condition (OSS and f1.8 guarantee that)

This leads approximately to a 490+410+450 = 1350€ price tag. Significant but doable over time.

For those Who have managed to get here, what do you think? Is this list a total nonsense? I ‘d very much not let my inexperience break the Bank so every Kind of feedback is very appreciated.