Our Next Two Strobist X-Peditions:Havana, Cuba and Hanoi, Vietnam

We are back from our inaugural Strobist X-Pedition, which was held last month in Havana, Cuba. The attendees are readjusting to life back on the grid, and busy editing photos and trading stories via email.

Photo by Jeremy Langsky

It was a whirlwind week filled with photography, new friends, eye-opening experiences and perhaps even a spot of Cuban rum. Now that we are back, I wanted to send a quick note out to Strobist’s readership to show off some of the student work and give you a heads-up about plans for next year’s X-Peditions.

Photo by Martin Stephens

Photo by Michael Grigoriev

Photo by Bob Plotkin

Upcoming X-Peditions

If you would like to learn more about our planned X-Peditions for next year, you can read much more here. We are planning to return to Havana in the winter and then we’re off to Hanoi in the fall. (I am headed to the latter on a shooting/scouting trip in three weeks.)

The info page linked just above is also where to sign up to ensure you’ll get advance notice about next year’s trips. As with 2018’s Havana X-Pedition, these will certainly sell out. (There are only 12 slots available for each of the two trips.) And because of the advance interest sign-up sheet, they won’t necessarily be publicly announced.

I hope to see you next year, someplace really interesting.