Can I remove the IR filter from the sensor, and use a IR bypass filter on the outside of the lens instead?

I am buying a JVC camcorder for my dad for Christmas who does ghost hunting. I want to convert this to IR which many people do with this particular model.

I know I need to remove the IR filter from the sensor which is around 8x8x0.5mm in size. But I can’t find a 850mn filter that size to put in its place.

Could I remove this filter altogether, and instead attach a 30.5mm 850mn bypass filter instead? Will this achieve the same effect?

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Exolens PRO with Optics by Zeiss for iPhone 7

There's no shortage of clip-on accessory lenses for the iPhone, although you wouldn't usually expect much in terms of image quality. But the iPhone has a serious camera with a rather good built-in lens, and it's taken seriously by a lot of pretty serious photographers.

That's the thinking behind the Exolens Zeiss tie-in, whereby Exolens provides the smartphone mount and Zeiss supplies the lenses. The Zeiss name will be familiar to keen photographers out there, and it has

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Amazed Pronghorn and Reasons to Use High Speed Burst Mode for Wildlife Photography

Amazed Pronghorn and Reasons to Use High Speed Burst Mode for Wildlife Photography
The obvious reason to use high speed burst mode to photograph wildlife is because wildlife moves and you want to capture the ideal body position and behavior. Use fastest frame rate to capture the frame with the perfect body/angle/leg/wing positions against the best possible background. When the wildlife is in fast action, that motion is obvious and further discussion is probably not warranted. But, the motion can be more subtle – I’ll call it “micro-motion” – and micro-position differences matter.=&0=&

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HTC gets into game development with in-house VR development studio

The biggest problem with virtual reality at the moment is a lack of content. We now have a decent selection of virtual reality hardware, but the amount of content that’s available to play on them is slim indeed. 

In an attempt to remedy this problem, HTC is launching Vive Studios, which is an internal publisher focussed on delivering virtual reality experiences through both first- and third-party developers. 

Its first game, called Arcade Saga, is from internal studio 2 Bears, and

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How to Relocate Your Photography Business: Part 2

As I write this second piece to the story of relocating my business, I’ve been in Michigan for about three months now. Part one covered some of the very basics of moving a photography business—some actions I began before packing the first box. Now, firmly on the ground in Michigan, I thought I’d share some…

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Sick of lame livestreaming? AMD is here to help

Last year, AMD reinvented its software platform and promised to introduce new versions every year. Today the chip manufacturer is making good on that promise with Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition. 

While Crimson dramatically compressed AMD’s software platform into a single all-encompassing hub, ReLive is focused on adding to that foundation with new features. The most prominent addition will allow users to easily stream their gameplay on Twitch, Steam, YouTube, and more

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