D3100 and external speedlite (SB-700) + compatibility

I’m a nikon D3100 user, I have a 50 mm 1.4 nikkor lens.
I’ve been thinking of buying an external flash speedlite for nikon as I’m planning to upgrade my nikon body at later stages.

I’ve been looking around and saw the SB-700 speedlite that i could use as master. I know for the fact that Nikon D3100 doesn’t have wireless speedlite option

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The refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has one final hurdle to clear

Samsung has confirmed it will soon release refurbished versions of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 – the phablet that caught fire in several cases last year – but certification for the new phone may prove a problem for Samsung.

South Korea is rumored to be the first market the company will release the new Galaxy Note 7 in, but the latest report claims the company has yet to apply for certification from two Korean agencies. 

The company will need permission from the Korean Agency for

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6 Key turning points that drove Apple to top

A phase when Apple computer was going through the worst phrase of its history, thanks to Wintel partnership which took over the PC market. Apple was approaching bankruptcy with each passing quarter. The company purchased Steve Jobs’ startup NeXT to build a new Unix-based OS. After a year, Jobs replaced the existing CEO and marked the beginning of a new era with the help of some financial backing from business rival Bill Gates.

Since Steve Jobs was the new leader, he took many bold decisions

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Flipkart Big 10 Sale: heavy discounts on phones like iPhone 7, Huawei P9 and more

While Amazon's "Great Indian Sale" is about to culminate, its arch rival Flipkart's "Big 10 Sale" has just started. Flipkart is conducting the "Big 10 Sale" marking the occasion of its 10th anniversary.  The sale includes discounts on a wide range of products listed on Flipkart. Moreover, Flipkart collaborated with HDFC bank to offer additional 10 percent discount on its debit and credit cards. The minimum transaction size to avail the card discount

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The best Nintendo 3DS deals in May 2017

If you're looking for the best Nintendo 3DS deals, you've come to the right place. This is a fantastic time to get a cheap 3DS as retailers continue to unleash discounts ahead of the upcoming Nintendo Switch deals. We check the prices from all reliable online retailers every few hours to make sure the prices are up to date!

Nintendo has long been boss of the handheld market, but the fact it continues to be so successful in a market now dominated by smartphones is impressive. The 3DS software

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Where is India on the cyber security map today?

What’s the current cyber security scenario like in India? Is the existing security architecture robust enough to tackle crisis like the latest ransomware threat?

The current cyber security scenario is India can at best be described as reactive. While most of the advanced nations included cyber security as a key socio-political agenda quite some time back, we have been lagging behind in even setting up a national cyber security architecture. USA for example, has a ‘Critical Infrastructure

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