Cable TV is So Broken, Can Apple and Google Save Us All?

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, Allen & Company, 2015

Billionaire Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

Last night I spent a frustrating hour trying to cancel Showtime with Comcast, my current cable TV provider. I could not find (nor is there) any way to cancel any Comcast service online and their customer service department was closed.

Finally I was able to get chatty with one of those chatbots online who confirmed to me that there is simply no way to cancel Showtime on Comcast without speaking with a human representative. Even though the chatbot convinced

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Creating Promotional Copy That Works!


Intro by Skip Cohen

Over the years, I’ve read some pretty horrible promotional copy all written by photographers who I know were passionate about what they were trying to say. Sadly, passion in itself isn’t a communication skill.  One photographer, who I’ve known for years, I offered to proof read anything he wrote if he just promised NEVER to send anything out by himself again.

I found this post in Marathon’s archives from my good pal, Mark Weber; it couldn’t

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