Why do images taken with a Nikon D3100 get cut off?

I just received my Nikon D3100 and for the first few photos it worked beautifully, but now when I take photos it only shows approximately the top 3mm. I put on both lenses and removed the caps but still the same thing is happening. I cannot afford to fix it after only one day of use. It looks almost as if a black cover is covering most of the picture.

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Does focus breathing make a lens slower when close focusing?

I’ve heard that focal length of some lenses will become noticeably longer when focusing to a close distance, an effect called “focus breathing”. Since f-number is focal length divided by diameter of physical aperture and aperture size does not change, it seems logical to conclude that such lens should become slower when focusing close.

Is that really so, or is there something I’m overlooking?

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Is it possible to print a photo so it can be mounted on a globe?

One Piece World Map

I’d like to transform an image so that it can be mounted on a sphere. I’d like to use an image of a map (see the One Piece world map on the image), but it could be anything. Here is a kind of Family Picnic Photo that I could use, (this isn’t my family, is just a Google result). I’d like to do this as a gift for my cousin on his birthday. I’m beginner on photo processing and manipulation and normally I use Linux, but every suggestion is welcome.

I would like a

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How does Nikon measure "minimum focus distance" for Macro/Micro lenses?

This question is about Nikon SLR terminology. The answer could be different for non-SLR cameras, or for different maker.

The “minimum focusing distance” in the spec — it’s measured and listed between what and the subject? Between sensor and the subject? Or between front of the lens and the subject? Or between back of the lens and the subject? At close distances and large lenses sizes, this makes big difference …

The mystery comes from <a href="http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/60mm-afs.htm

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