Portrait Lighting – What am I doing wrong here ?

I am a beginner in photography and starting to learn about lights in portraiture. In this portrait below, I am using a home-made soft box with a flash inside (on the right), and two 5000K bulbs at 1750 lumens (one on the left as a fill light, and one on the top as a rim light). Most of my stuff are home-made or DIY because I can’t afford proper equipment. But I am trying to understand the basics as much as I can to replicate a proper studio setting.

enter image description here

Question: Although I have high lumen bulbs for my fill and rim, why aren’t they filling up the left side of her face or creating a rim ? Even when I use my flash inside the softbox at lowest setting, it seems to overpower my fill and rim lights. What am I doing wrong ?

[Nikon D5200 f/5.6 1/100 38mm ISO-100]