Portrait Lighting Workshop & Raffle

Spring has sprung! That means rainy weather, longer days and tax refunds feeding the dreaded Gear Acquisition Syndrome!! The temptation to go out and buy extremely expensive lighting gear is strong, but is it necessary? That’s what we’re going to find out. 

For the next workshop at Adorama, we will be going through the steps to create a beautiful portrait. We’ll be using studio strobes and top of the line light modifiers to get a high quality shot. And the twist (because there’s always a twist): we going to attempt to recreate the shot using less expensive modifiers and speed lights (flashes, flash guns or hot shoe flashes). In addition to recreating a studio shot with speed lights, we’ll also go over all the steps necessary to create the portrait including creating a concept, deciding the type of lighting to use, hair style and make up that would compliment the shot. 

Okay, okay . . . . there’s another Adorama Gift Certificate that will be looking for a new home in someone’s pocket. At the end of the workshop, we’ll hand out a sign-in sheet and provide details on how to make the gift certificate yours. 

NOTE: Your camera and/or notepads are not needed for this workshop. Adorama will likely be recording the event and we will distribute the video when available. Brooklyn Born will also be writing a blog post on the steps that will be taken during the workshop.  We want you to leave anything that can be a distraction at home so your full attention is ours. Anything that was said can be viewed later when the recording is distributed.