Professional Photography in Stockholm with Fabian Wester


Together with the launch of the new A1, (“the world’s smallest studio light”) Profoto added another dimension to education with their video and blog series, The World is My Studio. Eight artists are featured in the series and what I love about each one is our ability to watch them work. It’s surprising how much you can learn following an artist’s thought process and then seeing the results. Plus, the videos are all short, just long enough to share new ideas and introduce you to another artist you should know.

If you haven’t checked out the new A1, it’s time to visit your Profoto dealer. Just click on the link below. And, to read the blog post that accompanies the video below, just click on either image in this post. Fabian Wester, based in Stockholm does a terrific job of taking you through his initial use of the A1, right down to adding a small softbox and in another image, demonstrating how he can adjust the beam of light.

Profoto doesn’t just build great lighting gear – they’re helping to build better photographers and more powerful images!