Sal Cincotta – A Photographer on the Brooklyn Bridge


​If you haven’t visited the Profoto blog lately, you’re missing out on some terrific content. Seth Chandler shared this behind the scenes backstory about my good buddy Sal Cincotta taking on a nighttime portrait session with Profoto’s A1.

Besides watching Sal in action, there’s a sidebar story I so appreciate. Along with Sal on the shoot were Michael Anthony and Alissa Zimmerman. Michael, Sal and Alissa along with a dozen or so other members of the photographic community are all involved in Shutter Magazine and ShutterFest. Alissa is the Creative Director for the magazine. Michael, besides being very successful as an artist and one of the country’s leading wedding photographers, also writes for the magazine.

So, it’s a kick when I see photographs tagged with both Sal’s name and Michael’s. Nothing beats the power of collaboration when you bring great artists together. And, nothing tops the creativity that comes out of a few good friends hanging out together with a purpose!

​It’s an unstoppable combination.


Every image in this short story is a show-stopper. Even the background shot used for the title page above is stunning. Just give it a click to read Seth Chandler’s entire post.

Interesting in seeing more of Sal’s images, click on the image above to visit his website. Check out Alissa’s work as Creative Director by visiting Shutter Magazine. And let’s not forget Michael Anthony – just click on his image of Sal and Alissa on the left.

And, to check out the co-star of this post, the A1, visit your Profoto Dealer and the Profoto website. Profoto is so much more than a manufacturer of the finest light-shaping products in the world. They’re dedicated to helping you raise the bar on the quality of your images and they never slow down in trying to help you build a stronger skill set!