Sal Cincotta – Photography, Lighting and the NEW B1X


If you’ve met Sal Cincotta or heard him speak at any convention then you already know he doesn’t mince words. He couldn’t be more direct when he likes a product or for that matter when he’s underwhelmed!

While the title of this video a few months ago was “ProfotoB1X Review,” by the usual standards of a review it’s pretty one-sided. But that’s what I love about Sal – he calls it like it is. I

In the short video below, Sal talks about the features MOST important to creating stunning portraits. And again, if you know Sal, you know there’s no room for compromise on the quality of an image or the effort he puts into every shoot.

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Sal is no stranger to SCU and in fact, we did an episode of “Why?” together last February. And most of you are no stranger to Sal! Founder of Shutter Magazine and ShutterFest, I’m proud to have been involved in both since the very beginning.

If you haven’t taken Profoto’s new B1X out for a test drive, just click on the banner below to find a Profoto dealer or rental house, anywhere in the world.

Isn’t it time you found out what all the buzz was about?

Images copyright Sal Cincotta. All rights reserved.