Scanning digital prints at 24bit or 48bit?

I have thousands of digital prints I plan on scanning, restoring in Lightroom, and then cataloging. I have an Epson V600 scanner and plenty of raw computing power.

I plan on scanning at 600dpi to tiff but trying to decide between 24bit or 48bit. On one hand 24bit is of course better and allows for theoretical better editing when I’m restoring any at the cost of significant more storage use. I’m fine scanning at 16bit as long as it will actually allow for improved quality/editing. If they were negatives I’d choose 48bit in a heartbeat since the benefit (even small) would be clear. But in my case, almost all of these scans will be roughly 4×6 most of which were printed in the 70s, 80s, and 90s (some are older prints).

The prints such as the ones from the 90s at least were taken I imagine mostly on throw away cameras and printed at drug stores, so my thinking is if I scan at 48bit is it attempting to scan more detail than actually exists? If so, would I be able to scan at 24bit without any loss of quality when scanning those types of digital prints?