Smart speaker deals alert! Google Home and Home Mini have some great discounts today

The Google Home smart speakers are getting some fantastic discounts today, making it an ideal time to buy. The Google Home Mini in particular returns to its lowest ever price of just £34 at multiple retailers as shown in our comparison chart on this page.

If you'd prefer the larger and original Google Home speaker, which is generally the preferred option if you're going to use it for listening to music a lot, then you'll be glad to hear that BT has come in with the cheapest deal of just £99. That's £30 off the RRP. A few other stores have knocked the Google Home down to just £104 if the BT one sells out. We've listed the cheapest prices in our comparison chart below.

Google Home or Amazon Echo?

Both are very capable smart speakers, but the Google Home series could have advantages for some people. For example, the Home is powered by Google's search engine and can answer many more questions than Alexa (on the Amazon Echo) in our experience – Alexa is always improving though.

If you're already tied into the Google ecosystem for your calendar, email and so on, then the Google Home can be very handy indeed. We're particularly fond of asking it to add things to our calendars like handy reminders for work tomorrow, which will them pop up on our phone or be announced by the speaker. It's great for a kitchen timer too. No more burnt pizzas in our house!

Unlike the Echo speakers, you can use the free version of Spotify on the Google Home speakers which can save you plenty of money over the year. If you do prefer the Amazon setup though the Echo Dot is currently available for £34.99 at Amazon.