Spotify has arrived on Sky Q

After revealing its plans to bring Spotify to Sky Q customers back in February, Sky has announced that the music subscription service is now available on all Sky Q boxes.

Now Sky Q customers will find a dedicated app on their homepage where they’ll be able to stream the service using its ad-supported free tier or log into their existing Spotify account. It’ll be possible to play Spotify music through the Sky Soundbox, and Sky has added that it’ll also be possible to stream music to TV speakers via AirPlay or Bluetooth for more enhanced sound.

Although there are plenty of devices which already have Spotify support, including many smart TVs, Sky customers with older sets will no doubt be glad to see a more convenient option to access their music. 

Making changes

Spotify support is just one part of Sky’s big plans for innovation this year – in a similar vein, the company has announced a partnership with Netflix, which will see Netflix receive its very own app on Sky Q boxes. It’s not quite clear, however, when this will launch other than later in the year. 

Customers can also expect an HDR update later this year, as well as a significant increase in the amount of 4K content available on the service and a more personalized experience thanks to improvements in machine learning. 

It's clear with these changes that Sky is making big efforts to position its Sky Q box as a fully-fledged entertainment hub deserving of sitting in the center of your living room, rather than simply a way to watch TV.