Steve Jobs, Albert Watson and Profoto

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This famous portrait of Steve Jobs was taken by Albert Watson in 2006. It’s a great backstory, told by Albert himself. Profoto has the complete post on their blog under the heading of “Inspiration.”  

There’s one point I love making with this image. Albert had minimal time to get the shot. He captured one of the most recognized iconic portraits of this century because he’s an artist who’s the very best at his craft. He never compromises on quality!

Profoto never slows down in designing and building great lighting equipment, or their focus on education to help artists raise the bar on the quality of their images! The story behind the Steve Jobs image is only a fraction of the inspirational material you’ll find on the Profoto site. 

Time is precious

Albert Watson is renowned for his portraits of acclaimed personalities, and he is always in pursuit of that special, iconic shot. 

Steve Jobs did not like to be photographed. Albert was aware of this and had to think on his feet to capture the unique image he was after in a short span of time. 

​“I took a chance,” recalls Albert. Given an hour of Jobs’ time, he told the businessman he could get the job done in half the time. “He looked at me like I had given him a Christmas present.” Thirty minutes was golden in his busy life.