Taking Photography and Profoto’s B1X to New Heights!

Image copyright  Jesper Grønnemark. All rights reserved.
I’ve spent my entire adult life, or at least all the time I was expected to act like an adult, in the photographic industry. I have to admit there are times when I think I’ve seen it all, but then someone comes along with an accomplishment that just can’t be topped, and I’m left speechless!

It’s time for you to meet Jesper Grønnemark. I’ve shared a lot of videos and posts over the last few years about Profoto’s Off-Camera Flash System, and the ability for their gear to go ANYWHERE!  Well, Jesper’s taken it to a place the majority of us would NEVER think of! On Profoto’s blog he’s described as: 

Jesper Grønnemark’s work is characterized by power and speed, conveyed through the subjects he shoots, the choice of location and the unique angles he pursues. As a sports and action photographer, Jesper is not afraid to stray from his comfort zone. In this recent shoot, Jesper took the power of the B1X to new heights.

What a kick to watch this video! It’s hard to believe how much planning and execution Jesper and the team pack into the next three minutes. The idea to try and get a studio feel to an image of a skydiver is right at the top of the charts, especially when answering the question, “Can Profoto gear really go anywhere?”

“I only have one shot and one jump, and that’s it!”
 Jesper Grønnemark

While Jesper’s mind’s eye vision is remarkable, so is the reliability of Profoto’s equipment. He had one chance to get the shot he wanted.  Just the risk of missing the shot and the planning that went into the jump was enough to work through without worrying about his gear.  He had to have equipment he could completely trust.

To read the entire post, Profoto’s blog, “Inspiration” is just a click away.

And, if you haven’t visited your Profoto dealer, it’s time for you to find out what all the buzz is about. Click on the B1X below to visit Profoto’s worldwide dealer and rental house listings, then click on the image above to visit Jesper’s website for an adventure in sports and action photography!
I read a great quote recently:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Neale Donald Walsch
And so does creativity!