Technical question on Canon XH A1S (E) – Installing HD SDI Port?

I have a question regarding my Canon XH A1S (E), to be exact I was looking into the HD SDI Port available on the Canon XH G1S model and I was wondering if I can upgrade my A1S with this port.

I’ve looked inside the case and there seems to be a lot of unused connections on the board, and the cover seems to be interchangable with said port.

Now, the reason I’m asking is twofold. For one, I’m looking to acquire the necessary parts and I would also like to ask for your advice: Is what I intend to do possible (if not intended)? Do I need to alter the firmware on the board of my A1S?

I wasn’t able to find any directions online (to be honest, I haven’t even been able to find anyone attempting this in the first place)

Also, is this even the right place to ask? I’m kind of tempted to ask on a more technical StackExchange board, but I have absolutely no idea which and this one seemed most appropriate.