The Best Marketing Tool for Photographers at Holiday Time

For those of you who still aren’t doing holiday cards for your clients or yourself, I’m not sure what else I can write to try and convince you of the opportunity you’re missing.

First, let’s talk about all your clients and people in your database! No professional photographer should ever send a store-bought holiday card. Year after year thousands of you minimize the potential for seasonality marketing. You do nothing, or at the last minute you hit a store like CVS, grab a box of cards that seems adequate and get them in the mail.

For any of you who just rolled your eyes, hear me out! A holiday card with one of your images and an added hand-written message to clients who are special is one of the most significant ways to market your business and skill set. In fact, it’s what I refer to as being so soft-sell it’s hard-sell without anybody being offended. It reminds people what you do for a living and should be going to everyone in your database plus opinion leaders, key vendors and retailers in your community.

Second, let’s talk about holiday cards for your clients. You’ve got a relationship with them already established from that family sitting, wedding or special event you did earlier in the year. And, if you didn’t photograph them this year why not do a campaign for an updated family portrait that includes their holiday card? Why wouldn’t you want to offer them a turnkey approach to this year’s card? This is a “no-brainer” when it comes to a service you should be providing.

In both cases, whether for you to be mailing to your data base or as a product for your clients, Marathon makes it so easy. Help with your marketing, especially with holiday cards is just a click away – click above to see the selection and below to take full advantage of Marathon’s BOGO for 2017 – think about it – buy one get one is another way of saying 50% off!