The Biggest "No Brainer" in Family Marketing!

by Skip Cohen

Put me in a room with a few dozen family photographers, and I’m always amazed at the conversation and the discussion over how hard it is to get through the noise and find new customers. Knowing how hard it is to do, I don’t understand why more artists don’t invest in getting help.

Today’s consumers are flooded with information every day. Think about how much shows up in your email and then combine it with the mailbox at the end of your driveway, the noise on the TV, radio and the signs you pass when driving around town. We’re drowning in information, most of it useless.

Well, Marathon’s taking the pressure off of you. If you’re a family photographer, they’ve created a working process to get your message in front of the right clients.

Here’s the challenge for so many of you…

  • You don’t have the time, not only to create the mailers but to develop the most basic tool – a timeline to stick to.
  • Along with no time is the way many of you have turned procrastination into an art form. Taking a long time to decide and implement a program is one thing, but missing the opportunity completely is the issue.
  • You hate to write, and while you know what you want to say, you don’t have the skill set to be concise and put out a message people will read and remember.
  • You don’t have the discipline to stay on point. It takes more than just one mailer to get people to remember you.

It’s August and the seasonality of the fourth quarter is right around the corner. You’ve got an opportunity to create new business and make 2017 the kind of year you hoped for back in January. Click on the banner above and check out Marathon’s family marketing program. And, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose with a phone call and everything to gain utilizing their expertise in design, direct mail, and implementation.

I’m right back to where I started this post – It’s a no-brainer!

Building a stronger business is just a phone call away!