The Search for the Top Photographer

By Skip Cohen

I don’t usually post very much about contests, but Adorama has teamed up with Nigel Barker and it’s going to be a kick!  What an experience for five participants, as well as the exposure for the winner. We’re all familiar with reality shows, but this one that takes full advantage of your skill set as a photographer.

But, it’s not just the contest I love. It’s the way they packed the excitement into a 29 second video and the presentation on the contest page itself. Just click on the collage of images above for more information to submit your entry!

I’ve written a lot about Adorama being so much more than a camera store. Well, here’s a prime example of an event coming up that’s about to become so much fun to follow. They’re carving out their own little piece of photo industry history and it’s your chance to get more involved!