The World is My Studio – Two Mann Studios

Obviously, Profoto USA is an SCU partner, but I appreciate the relationship for a few different reasons. First, I love and respect their products. Second, I go back a long way with so many of their team.  Third, and the reason I like to share content from their YouTube channel, blog and website is the amount of great information they share.

I LOVE this video from Two Mann Studios in Canada, because of what you can learn watching them shoot. They’re on the dance floor in a typical wedding environment, and as they discuss, it’s one of the most challenging shooting situations.  In fact, I’m convinced wedding photographers have the toughest job of all the specialties.

We’re going to be able to make the light  we want to make in more situations than we’re accustomed to!
Lanny Mann


A wedding photographer has virtually no control over anything during the event. From the venue to the emotions of the day to the expectations of the bride and groom as Bambi Cantrell has said, “It’s not a time when logic reigns as king!”

One of the biggest challenges is in the lighting, especially on the dance floor. Erika and Lanny Mann take you through one aspect of a wedding and in turn capture images that make you feel like you were there. And for those of you who only see this as an infomercial, you’re missing the point! There’s so much you can learn and so many ideas on expanding your technique just by watching how they shoot – and, it’s all in two and a half minutes!

Interested in finding out more about Profoto’s new A1?  Just click on the thumbnail to the right. Looking to see more of Two Mann Studios’ work? click on any of the screen shots I grabbed from the video!

As Erika says near the end of the video, Profoto’s created a game-changer!

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