Throwback Thursday – Photographs from WPPI 2007


I’ve shared a few of these pages from the Graphi Studio “Day in the Life of WPPI” albums over the years, and here’s one more. These are from 2007, the last year the show was at Bally’s and Paris. It’s also one of the few pages where I recognize everybody in the images!

From top left to right – Cherie Steinberg and Hedley Jones, Mike Colon and David Jay, David Beckstead and Gary Fong and Vicki and Jed Taufer. And they were all photographed by Catherine Hall, who was one of four photographers featured in that year’s book together with Calvin Hayes, Jim Garner, and Victor Sizemore. 

In the second image, we’ve got Joe Photo and Marcus Bell in the front row. I think that’s Brook Todd on one side and Parker Pfister and a hotel staff member in the middle – my guess is it was in the very early morning hours at the hotel. After all, nobody buffs the floors in any Vegas hotel during “rush hour!”  And Catherine, as always, captures the essence of enthusiasm! 

The whole idea behind the project was to document each convention as seen through the eyes of four different artists. The concept for the album was thanks to Maureen Neises at Graphi. The book became a milestone for me each year. It was the perfect way to document the event and capture so many different memories.

Throwback Thursday images are one of your very best marketing tools for your blog every week. Use throwbacks to help remind “Mom” that it’s time for a new family portrait. Use your old photographs to talk about how fast time goes by and the importance of capturing those important memories. It’s the perfect way to put those old photographs of yours to work planting the seeds for new business today.

And, if you’re not blogging about them, take a walk down Memory Lane for your own enjoyment. There are few things to put a smile on your face faster than looking at old photographs!

​Happy Throwback Thursday!