We’re moving… tomorrow we will join forces with TechRadar!

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We’ve been bringing you in-depth photography tutorials and techniques now for more than four years, but to bring you a more complete package online that meets all of your photographic needs we’ve decided to partner with our sister website, techradar.

‘But why?’ you’re probably asking. Tomorrow we’ll be launching a brand-new Photography channel on techradar, which will offer the complete package for photographers of all levels.

Techradar is a leading technology site with the world’s toughest tests of the latest technology. By joining forces we can offer you timely, in-depth reviews of all the latest cameras, lenses and accessories, as well as all of the same great technique content we provide now!

So how will this work? A lot of technical wizardry we won’t bore you with, but, in short, around the first week of May we’ll be moving over to the techradar domain to become part of their prestigious brand, and all of your bookmarks to this page will redirect to our new Photography channel.

Thanks again for all your support over the years. It’s meant a lot to us, and we hope you will continue with us on your photographic journey.

Our print magazine, called Digital Camera in some countries and Digital Camera World in others, will be completely unaffected by these changes to our website.

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