What are photo histograms? Get the basics you need to know as a photographer.

Hi Guys,

In this video I give you a basic understanding of ‘histograms’. These are essentially a graphical guide to the exposure level in your picture, once you become familiar with them then they can be a great way to determine if you have captured your image at the correct exposure or to check if any of your picture has gone over or under the recordable range.

When you are next taking pictures take a look in the menu / display information and start to get a feel for how they look in relation to different types of images. When you are editing your images in Photoshop or Lightroom they are also a great way to analyse your image and make decisions about your contrast levels. In these programs you can ‘re-map’ the darkest point to a deeper black or a highlight area to a brighter level to increase contrast or you can move the points on a histogram the other way to reduce contrast.  If you’d like to try it in Photoshop then i’d suggest using an Histogram Adjustment Layer to do this.

All the best