‘Women Photograph’ Announces $35,000 For Grants For Female & Non-Binary Photographers

The photographic community in the United States is comprised of a near 50/50 split between men and women, so the lack of female representation within the industry was an innate concern. Sure, there are some genres that men are more organically drawn to and others that women are more drawn to. However, that has never fully satisfied the question as to why there is such a dominant gender gap – especially in photojournalism.

Women Photograph is a worldwide initiative that manifested with the sole purpose of promoting the representation of female and non-binary photojournalists. They have partnered with Getty Images and Nikon to offer six project grants totaling $35,000 for 2018.

Women Photograph is an initiative that launched in 2017 to elevate the voices of female* visual journalists. The private database includes more than 700 independent women documentary photographers based in 91 countries and is available privately to any commissioning editor or organization. Women Photograph also operates an annual series of project grants for emerging and established photojournalists, a year-long mentorship program, and a travel fund to help female photographers access workshops, festivals, and other developmental opportunities. Our mission is to shift the gender makeup of the photojournalism community and ensure that our industry’s chief storytellers are as diverse as the communities they hope to represent.

Photo by @anushbabajanyan / @viiphoto. – Dear everyone, this is my last day posting on the Women Photograph feed. I am very proud to be part of this collective and thankful. Sending everyone love from the women of @viiphoto #7ofvii ! – Zena and Barakis, 7 Mothers dress them in mirroring and often traditional outfits and bring them out and about the streets of central Koumassi district in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. It is a belief that is centuries old here, and in several countries of West Africa, that twins have spiritual and mystical powers. When in need for a problem to be solved or for a positive change to happen, people often come to twins, donate to them and seek for a blessing, with the hope that the power of the twins will help their wishes come true. – #twinsofkoumassi – #twins #Africa #WestAfrica #Abidjan #cotedivoire #ivorycoast #koumassi #children #portrait

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Women Photograph + Nikon will award five visual journalists who are working on a new or ongoing documentary with a $5,000 grant to support their project. Photographers are encouraged to submit a story rather than single images and multimedia projects are welcome.

Women Photograph + Getty Images will award a $10,000 grant to a photojournalist working in a professional capacity who are working on a long-term project. They must demonstrate their commitment to the project by submitting 20-25 portfolio images illustrating a clear vision and demonstrating that a vast amount of work has been completed. Additional consideration will be given to visual artists with a personal connection and engagement with the communities they cover.

Hi everyone this is Smita Sharma @smitashrm taking over #womenphotograph this week. I am an Indian photographer focusing primarily on gender and human rights issues in South Asia. I am sharing photos from my work in Nepal on child marriage and this project was done for @humanrightswatch in 2016. Thank you @womenphotograph for this opportunity. . Caption: A girl plays in a public park in Patan. Thirty-seven percent of girls in Nepal marry before the age of 18, and ten percent are married by age 15. The minimum age of marriage under Nepali law is 20 years. Nepal has the third-highest rate of child marriage in Asia. Every day, young girls and boys, mostly from marginalized communities, are being married by their families. Many girls also elope and opt to marry early themselves in the hope that they would get a better life but end up in the same cycle of poverty. | Photo by @smitashrm #childmarriage #nepal #girl #nepalphotoproject

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The grants are open to women and non-binary documentary photographers of any nationality, although applications must be submitted in English. There is no submission fee to apply and applications will open on April 1, 2018.

Visit Women Photograph to view the terms and conditions and apply.